Tips Stylish For Plus Size Girl

Like many plus-size women, you might have concerns regarding your body and style. Sadly, the fashion world is about petite women, but things are gradually changing. Today, we have numerous brands and websites for plus-size clothing and accessories, and it is rather easy to shop. Instead of hiding the extra pounds, you should be more concerned about dressing right. In this post, we have nine tips for women on the plus side.

1. Don’t shop for trends blindly. Many girls pick up stuff from online stores and top brands because the idea was trending on the runway. It is more important to understand your body shape and size. Try to find styles that flatter the curves.

2. Don’t shop for black. There is no denying that black makes you look leaner, but there are so many other fresh colors and prints worth trying. Look for blues and greens, and in terms of prints, look for polka dots and vertical styles.

3. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Fashion is all about trying new things, and you should take a shot at the new ideas. Apart from options in casual dressing, you should also look for formal clothes with a difference.

4. Don’t stick to rules. There are no hard and fast rules of styling. One can create new looks by breaking the myths. If you have been wearing skirts for summer, try a few jumpsuits for a change. While inspiration is always welcome, it is best to create a personal style.

5. Don’t skip bright colors. Shopping for plus size clothing can be confusing because a lot of brands don’t stock bright shades. Pop colors are in vogue, and you don’t need to skip the idea for your size. Instead, the focus should be on the fit of the particular suit/dress.

6. Don’t wear the wrong size. Most women end up buying baggy clothes, often hoping to look leaner. With baggy and misfit clothes, you will only look messier. If you are shopping online, order two different sizes to find the right one. It is important to flaunt the curves in the right way.

7. Don’t miss trying on heels. High heels and stilettos can create an illusion of height, making you appear longer. Heels also have a thinning effect on the legs, which allows women to try skirts and smaller dresses. Look for slender heels instead of wedges!

8. Don’t forget accessories. Even if you don’t have the best of clothes, you can always jazz up the look with accessories. From statement neckpieces to dangle earrings, there are a whole lot of options. Styling with accessories doesn’t have to be expensive, with many options available online.

9. Don’t shop for cheap undergarments. A great dress will only look appealing when you wear the right lingerie underneath. Invest in some quality shapewear and bras to get the right fit, and if you have fat around the middle section, you can try tummy-tucking panties.


All About Fashionable Vintage Shoes

Do you think that the vintage shoes are outdated? If so, it is high time to rediscover the charisma of the fashionable shoes in 1950 and their voguish appeal when you pair them right with your apparels. This class of shoes has more variations in designs and types than people generally assume. The changing trends in modern styling have incorporated freshness to these shoes.

1. Experimenting with Different Colors

While the traditional vintage footwear items for women were generally in black and brown, the generation next designers have gone far to bring in rich shades, soft colors and of course the neutrals to widen the room for pairing them with different dressing patterns. Today you can find women vintage shoes in cream, beige, vibrant yellow, maroon, claret suede, bronze burgundy and much more. Even for the regular black and brown shoes, you can select from a wide range of shades, combinations unlike ancient times.

2. Great Protection for Your Feet

One of the greatest qualities of footwear with vintage designs is that they mostly keep your feet covered especially near the heels. Whether you are wearing very high and pointed heels, the covering protects your feet from hurts, dirt and tanning. During the winters, the breathable high quality vintage shoes guard your feet against dryness and freezing to keep you warm and comfortable.

3. Varying Boot Lengths to Compliment the Perfect Style Statement

The long gowns and coats were highly common during the 1950s retro style dressing. Today women prefer to go with varying lengths from micro short dresses to long ones, jeggings, denims etc. Depending on the climatic conditions, the occasion, and your dress pattern you can choose to go with vintage boots from knee high lengths, ankle length pairs and much more. You can go with different contrasts to your dress to make an appealing statement.

4. Casual to Formal the Vintage Footwear are for Every Occasion

The modern shoe designers go with fusion styling to bring in maximum variety of shoe lengths, patterns and much more. Today you can go with casual peep toe shoes to fully covered shoes single colored pairs for formal events. There are bold velvet shoes, T-strap shoes and laced boots so that you can pick your favorite vintage footwear model depending on the occasion.

5. Quality Assurance and Greater Durability

It is pretty easy to find women vintage shoes from online sellers. Simply choose your size at the product will reach your doorstep. These shoes are affordable and have the ultimate sheen in appearance. Apart from the visible appeal, these shoes last longer to give you the best value for the money. To get utmost peace of mind, choose an online brand with great repute in selling quality assured products.

Some Parting Words,

Choosing the right pair of shoes with the attire is not a tough job at all. It is always essential to pick up the pairs according to the dressing and occasion. The vintage collection from contemporary designer collections opens ample choices to go for flats, high heels, wedges, saddle shoes and much more. These high quality breathable shoes are for all women, all seasons and events. You can actually go for a wardrobe collection of vintage shoes pairing them with modish dresses.


Guide To Buy Swimsuits

The best time to buy some new outfits for summer is several months before the actual season. Swimsuits, in particular, aren’t too expensive yet. If you’re lucky, you’re going to score some great deals too such as amazing discounts, buy one, get one deals, etc.

The downside to shopping for swimsuits during fall and winter though is that it can be too cold to try them on. Even if you’re in well-heated department stores, you may still feel too cold to try them on in the dressing room. You will also have to spend a lot of time getting out of your layered, thick clothes and then putting them on back again after you have tried out a number of bathing suits.

These hassles can easily be avoided if you choose to buy new swimsuits online. You can do your shopping any time of the day in the comforts of your home.

Although shopping online is indeed a more convenient option if you’re looking to get some new swimsuits, you will still have to be careful during the whole selection and purchasing process. To make sure you won’t make costly and time-consuming mistakes when shopping online for new swimsuits, follow the tips below:

• Take note of your measurements. Before and even while shopping, wrap a measuring tape around your chest, rib cage, and hips. Write down these numbers and use these measurements to determine the right swimwear size for your body. Don’t rely on the sizes listed on the online shops since they are usually not one-size-fits-all swimsuits.

• Look at your favorite pieces of lingerie for bathing suit sizing tips. When you carefully look at or review the styles of bras and panties that make you look great, you will be able to avoid buying unflattering panty-styled swimsuit bottom or barely-there bikini tops that won’t support your ample chests.

• Shop only at well-known, legitimate, and trusted online swimsuit shops. A good rule of the thumb to follow is to buy only at reputable online shops that have a working 1-800 number and several contact email addresses. It would also work to your advantage if you examine the website for style advice, fitting tips, and detailed information about swimsuit fabric and maintenance.

• Read the online shop’s return policy. Before buying anything, go over the website’s return policies. Keep in mind that many online swimwear sites are not-final sale but you should read the return rules to avoid any unforeseen hassles.

• Lastly, try on the swimsuit immediately once you receive it. Make sure the swimsuit fits your body properly. When trying it on, do not remove any tags or hygienic liners. By doing so, you can return the item easier if the suit doesn’t fit you or it is the wrong color.


How To Choose Watches

These days, watches have been considered more fashion accessories than just time machines designed for alerting the time only. There are many fashion brands that have shown interest in crafting timepieces suitable for different fashionable moods. The brands like Armani Exchange, Chaps, Fossil, DKNY and Emporio Armani are famous for offering watches that meet the modern demands of the generation. While some timepieces elevate the formal look, some express the casual appeal hidden in the trend craving hearts. The fashion watches are not only eloquent in look but also affordable in your budget. This is why people across the globe prefer fashion watches rather than the luxury ones with expensive prices. The content discusses 4 top timepieces from renowned brands that garnered huge interest among the youth.

Armani Exchange Street AX4504:

Armani Exchange is mainly a lifestyle product manufacturer that comes up with an array of product ranges. But the watches from the brand strike a deep effect among the youth because of their trendy design and the minimalistic appeal. The brand has timepieces that suit different moods of the living, starting from the casual to the formal. The timepiece AX4504 decked in gorgeous design leaves a long lasting impression on the watch lovers with its 38mm blue coloured dial. It does not celebrate the exaggerated fashion; rather, it successfully makes a strong position with the detail-free design. Crafted for women’s personality, this watch salutes the fearless spirit of women. The blue dial has sleek hands and the name of the brand that glorifies the dial magnificently. This is a perfect accessory designed for the casual fashion.

Chaps Kasia CHP9507:

Being known as an American sports brand, Chaps is renowned for introducing an array product to the generation. Like other accessories, the watches of the brand have made a noticeable position for its creative craftsmanship. The timepiece CHP9507 is designed with a 38mm skeletonized dial that reveals the inner crafting details of the brand. The golden hands and indexes are also there without being disturbed by the transparent nature of the dial. Since this is a women’s timepiece, it also reflects the grace with its eloquent crafting style. Moreover, the black leather strap circles the wrists of women boldly to make their fashion appealing.

Fossil Breaker FS5048:

Fossil watches offer an advanced look without compromising the style and functions. The brand within budget always surprises watch lover with some bold and magnificent collections of watches. Among the timepieces, the Breaker seems to be the well-known one because it comes up with the handsome look of watchmaking. The timepiece FS5048 reflects the vast expertise of the brand with an innovative architecture. The 42mm blue coloured dial is enhanced with the white hands and indexes. The design of the watch has been taken further by the numerals engraved blue bezel that complements the style of the dial. With the touch of red in hands, this watch maintains individuality that is depicted through the small detailing of the watch. With this watch, men definitely flaunt their formal fashion by being confident in their professional attire. The stainless steel strap of the watch is also glamorous when it gets your wrist.

Citizen Axiom Eco-Drive AU1060-51E:

If you want a timepiece that is both a performer and the trendsetter, you must turn your head to the Citizen. The brand got a huge acclaimed with its innovation of Eco-Drive watches, the timepieces that run on the energy converted from both artificial and natural sources of the light. This innovation has changed the process of watchmaking and gives a new way to design timepieces that are eco-friendly in technology. The timepiece AU1060-51E is also an Eco-Drive watch that comes up with a bold look. Its detail-free look is conveyed through the 40mm black coloured dial. With the thin hands and the logo of the brand, this timepiece turns up the casual mood of men. The stainless steel strap of the watch also looks appreciative that goes with the design perfectly.

Fashion watches have always been favourite accessories among those who want the trendy design along with the performance. These watches are modern and bold when they define the personality of the wearers. Besides the above-mentioned brands, watches from DKNY, Espirt, and Guess collection are also famous for offering timepieces that reflect the craze of the generation.