All About Animal Trend For Style

The animal kingdom is an evergreen source of inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere. Those furry, feathered and scaled creatures lend their patterns and textures (though hopefully do not give their actual lives) for ethical fashion lovers everywhere to incorporate in their own fun and zany ways into their own signature looks. Here are five animal inspired ideas for autumn fashion frolics:

Faux Fur Collar Jacket

Get yourself a garment that is all warm and snug this autumn. A bomber jacket or customised denim coat with a faux fur collar is one way to get all cosy this season. There are plenty of different options and your neck will feel as warm as a pup in a puppy muddle.

Angora Sweater

For a bit of class and a touch of timeless chic, you should really invest in a well-fitting angora sweater. Choose a vibrant, rich colour for an on trend look that will keep you warm and looking good in even the most formal of settings. For work and play, one of these jumpers will be an extremely versatile addition to your ever growing wardrobe.

Woollen Dress

Wear a woollen dress with thick tights or leggings and you will be able to move seamlessly between the outdoors and the indoors without getting too cold or too hot and sticky. Wool is a great, breathable material and though it can be a little itchy, with some careful layering you will be comfortable as can be, as content as a sheep in pasture.

Faux Alligator Boots

Boots are big this season and the bolder the better. Why not have a playful side and choose a pair with a crocodile or alligator print. These predators may be alarming, but their patterns are all fun. This could be a good way to make sure your footwear stands out from the crowd and you can keep your feet warm and dry whatever the weather.

Bold Animal Print Bag

If animal print clothing or footwear seems a little too much, you can still add a hint of the animal kingdom with a bold and vibrant animal print bag that looks as though it may have come straight from the savannah and yet will not look out of place on the dance floor or on the high street. Leopard, tiger or cheetah, whichever big cat you choose to be you will be king of your own urban jungle.


Dare To Wear Bubblegum Pink

First things first – We’re not talking about that average rosy hue!

The facts now – every woman has that one shade of pink shining gleefully in the wardrobe, though there are chances she won’t settle with just one pink.

For many of us pink is a shade that’s fuelled by romance, love, and nostalgia; but it is also an easy one to be scared of in the style stakes. For a few seasons in the past shades of dusty pink have been literally blushing and has enjoyed staying in power both on and off the runaway, but now is the time to break the monotony and start with something new – ‘Bubblegum Pink’.

Inspired by Traditions, Motivated by Changes – Shades Of Pink

Pink has always been on the cards, even if it was only for a while, but literally there – always. The new trend of bubblegum pink has been inspired by traditions and motivated by the love to change things, so when you look at the color you look at something exceptionally beautiful.

Styling in Bubblegum Pink – A Woman’s Love Story

The only thing women would really be concerned with is how they could style up and never go wrong with their dresses. This article is all about looking beautiful in pink, so here’s how you give it a start.

Wear Pink Pants – Like Victoria

Thought pink pants are a no – no thing? No! They’re the new trend and if you still haven’t tried them on, you’ll do it once you’ve got the inspiration from this woman. Wear pink pants with pride – you’ll be blushing with happiness; it’s the trend of the season and who knows you might be the first to wear it in your group of friends.

Wear A Short Dress

Pink dresses are way too cool and no matter how hard you try not to the one that’s in the right color, fabric and pattern attracts all eyes towards it. This season try on a bubblegum pink colored dress, preferably a simple one because that give an elegant and chic look to be the trendsetter.

Vintage Suit Dress – Vintage is Pure Love!

There’s a thing about vintage dresses that sets them apart from the rest, and a woman dressed in them is an ultra-supreme woman. This season prepare yourself to look the woman who’s way too beautiful, intelligent, comfortable in what she wears and most of all a woman who knows how to reign the trends with a vintage look.

And, while it’s often best worn when your bronzed or have naturally darker skin, because shades like amaranth and bright pink come with a kick, it’s guaranteed to suit pale complexions too.


Tricks To Find Pants and Trouser For Plus Size Women

A common type of mistake everyone does is to search plus sizes in the category of average sizes. Wearers need to mind this that they need not have to fit inside any type of dress or cloth but pick out the right fit which serves you like your second skin, comfortably like a cocoon. And while talking about the dresses that you need to wear all day long, bottom wears are comparatively the least noticeable yet most essential wear for plus size women. And thus, here is a list of bottom wears, pants or trousers that you must opt for your easy hours with a buxom figure.

Women must be feeling happy around when surrounded with such versatile online shopping portals and offline markets where different types of draped clothes are available which can be sewed to stylish women pants. But classy palazzos, regular fit pants or trousers, joggers, culottes serve the exact purpose of the wearer. They are super stylish as well as give such a restful indication to the skin that you might do a degree higher work wearing them.

Palazzo Pants are such kind of pieces for head turners that you need no extra peppiness to complement your complete attire. You can also buy online palazzos and can pair them up with contrasting tops, shirts and kurtis. Tuck them inside or attach a dazzling belt to attract more envious looks from the surroundings. Wear long sized pendants or necklace to complement your complete appeal.

Joggers are the hottest trend among the muscular sex but are now common and loved and popularly demanded by every kind of woman as well. These pants comfortably house plus size women and provide the freedom of movement as well. As we all know that denim has always been the favourite of every fashionista, these women’s wears are skin friendly as well. They are slightly tapered at the ends which you can adjust according to the width of your ankle. One can wear them with solid tops and vertical striped shirts with bow at the back to finish off the complete appeal like a celebrity.

Pretty girls’ tops online and culottes make an astounding combination in these days. But, do you know what they actually are? These are the shorter and more refined forms of palazzos. They are calf length and quite baggy, with pockets and great when mixed up with trendy tops and shirts. They cover up the extra skin and give an illusion of slim and trimmed figure-line. Apply nude or bronze contour to highlight natural cuts glamorously.

Regular Fit Ankle Pants are somewhat loose and may contain pleats. They are regular sized so there is no point of being tight or alteration of sizes throughout the length of the pants. Stylish women can wear it with catchy shirts, tunics and vest coat sets. Wear your persona with stylish accessories and style statement jewelry. Avoid using big or broad jewelry as they will make you look more plump and broad. Sleek sandals will go well with this type of attire.


How To Make Bridesmaid Dresses

Over time we have seen so many traditional dresses, that some bridesmaids have started to take a stand against the traditional bridesmaids dresses; and started creating their own bridesmaid dresses. Slowly, this trend has grown, and now we witness so many weddings in which bridesmaids gowns are a do-it-yourself dress.

There are many advantages of going with DIY maids dresses, as they open a whole new world of choices for your bridesmaids. Here are a few reasons why you should go for DIY bridesmaid dresses:

  • Your bridesmaids will finally have a choice to individualize their dresses according to their personality and fashion sense. Which they are unable to do wearing traditional uniform bridesmaid dresses.
  • This is a great way to build on the bridesmaids unique sense of style, and if you are really tired of the same old look, this will give you an opportunity to see something fresh for a change.
  • You will be so much money and time by going for a DIY, as you will not be required to go for dress shopping, fitting sessions, and will not have to worry about the seamstress getting your size wrong. In addition, you will not be paying for personal alterations, and design changing costs.
  • You will be able to fit in perfectly with the wedding theme, as you will finally have full control over the bridesmaid dresses. In normal scenarios, it is impossible to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses that fit perfectly with the theme, by creating one your bridesmaid dresses will fit in like a piece of puzzle.

Creating your own bridesmaid dresses is not an easy task, but it will be all worth it in the end. When planning for DIY bridesmaid dresses, keep in mind:

  • The first thing you will be required to do is set a budget for all the dresses, and list down all the things you will need to buy.
  • Keeping your wedding theme in mind, pick a colour; if you are really going for an all unique bridesmaid dresses you can even pick 2 to 3 different colour. All you have to do is make sure these colours compliment each other and fit in with the theme of the wedding.
  • It is time to get creative, and design the dress. You can design it based on your favourite style, and you can even combine a few different designs to create something unique.
  • Now, once you are set on the style you are requires to choose a neckline, how long the dress is going to be, and the embellishments.
  • Look for a vendor that will be able to create your custom dresses, to make sure you do not go wrong in any aspect.
  • You need to take sizes of all the bridesmaids, to ensure that the custom dresses fit them perfectly. It is advised to measure their bust, waist, hips, and hollow to the floor. Write down all the details on their card, and set them aside according to their preference.