First things first – We’re not talking about that average rosy hue!

The facts now – every woman has that one shade of pink shining gleefully in the wardrobe, though there are chances she won’t settle with just one pink.

For many of us pink is a shade that’s fuelled by romance, love, and nostalgia; but it is also an easy one to be scared of in the style stakes. For a few seasons in the past shades of dusty pink have been literally blushing and has enjoyed staying in power both on and off the runaway, but now is the time to break the monotony and start with something new – ‘Bubblegum Pink’.

Inspired by Traditions, Motivated by Changes – Shades Of Pink

Pink has always been on the cards, even if it was only for a while, but literally there – always. The new trend of bubblegum pink has been inspired by traditions and motivated by the love to change things, so when you look at the color you look at something exceptionally beautiful.

Styling in Bubblegum Pink – A Woman’s Love Story

The only thing women would really be concerned with is how they could style up and never go wrong with their dresses. This article is all about looking beautiful in pink, so here’s how you give it a start.

Wear Pink Pants – Like Victoria

Thought pink pants are a no – no thing? No! They’re the new trend and if you still haven’t tried them on, you’ll do it once you’ve got the inspiration from this woman. Wear pink pants with pride – you’ll be blushing with happiness; it’s the trend of the season and who knows you might be the first to wear it in your group of friends.

Wear A Short Dress

Pink dresses are way too cool and no matter how hard you try not to the one that’s in the right color, fabric and pattern attracts all eyes towards it. This season try on a bubblegum pink colored dress, preferably a simple one because that give an elegant and chic look to be the trendsetter.

Vintage Suit Dress – Vintage is Pure Love!

There’s a thing about vintage dresses that sets them apart from the rest, and a woman dressed in them is an ultra-supreme woman. This season prepare yourself to look the woman who’s way too beautiful, intelligent, comfortable in what she wears and most of all a woman who knows how to reign the trends with a vintage look.

And, while it’s often best worn when your bronzed or have naturally darker skin, because shades like amaranth and bright pink come with a kick, it’s guaranteed to suit pale complexions too.